Changing the mindset. Helping travellers, bookers and organisations think and choose better.

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By adopting Smarter working practices within your organisation you can achieve cost savings, as well as increase productivity and wellbeing within your workforce. Absenteeism costs businesses in the UK around £73bn a year, with ill health being more common in frequent travellers.

We're more than travel. We combine data and behavioural change with powerful technology to deliver insight, challenge unnecessary travel, and help you to create better, measurable outcomes.


By using the power of behavioural science, we help employees and travel bookers to think and choose smarter.

Our approach to Smarter working has led us to fundamentally review a shift in our DNA, looking at our people, process and technology offering.

With the ability to analyse data and apply knowledge we’re able to act on what we call actionable insight. This can be used to positively influence behaviours in a way that creates better quality and value in service.

In our white paper "Changing the mindset: Helping travellers, bookers and organisations think and choose better", we share our insight and tips on how to take a mature travel programme to the next level, and how business travel should fulfil wider organisational objectives such as productivity, connectivity, safety, health and wellbeing.

White paper: Changing the Mindset

To find out how we can help your travellers and bookers think and choose better, download our white paper on Smarter working.


"Smarter working can lead to transformational change that addresses the human impact of travel and meetings, and the desired outcomes of all stakeholders. It’s a game-changing approach to traditional travel and meetings management."

Trevor Elswood, Chief Commercial Officer
Invest in your employees' wellbeing

Studies have shown that happy employees make good businesses, improving sales by 37%, productivity by 31% and accuracy on tasks by 19%, as well as a myriad of health and quality of life improvements.

The business traveller community is changing

The business traveller community is changing; by 2020 the millennial generation will dominate the workplace. 81% of millennials expect their companies to act responsibly and are less likely to put up with policies that do not meet their needs or expectations.

The price of ill health

A healthy workforce is a productive one, and employers’ welfare obligations can either be supported or undermined by travel policy. Eg. travellers who spend 14+ nights away from home each month tend to have more health issues. The bill for absenteeism due to ill health costs British businesses £77.5 billion in 2017.

Traveller satisfaction key to workplace

66% of companies use traveller satisfaction as a tool to improve employee engagement, reflecting the shift away from strict travel policies towards greater flexibility.

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